LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan LW Difusor Titan
LW Difusor Titan

LW Difusor Titan

260,00 € tax incl.

Varlion Club - Carbon Level: 123,76€
Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: 108,29€
Varlion Club - Summum Level: 92,82€

Technical information

Technical information

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Data sheet

WeightFrom 355 to 380 gr.
Type of gameMainly control
Self-adhesive bumperYes
Heart constructionWith difusor
Type of coreHard core
Bicolour estheticNo
Hexagonal textureYes
Econaked estheticYes


Hexagonal frame whose to give a greater rigidity, strength and aerodynamics to the racket. It's registered and exclusive of Varlion.


E.V.A. core with hardness measures and spectacular rebound to give to the padel racket a great balanced control and power.


Drilling technology using three sizes of holes making them smaller in the central area (10mm), medium in the middle as we move away from the center and approach the frame (11.5mm) and bigger in the perimeter area closer to the frame (13mm), to balance the excessive flexibility of the core in the middle with the low one near the frame. It allows to have a greater homogeneity in the shots and an increase the shock-resistance of the core.


Accessory to put in the holes of padel rackets with the main objective of reduce vibrations the padel racket produces when you hit the ball.

  • Vibration reduction. Through an ISO cientific report made by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, it has been shown the vibration of the padel racket is reduced from 25% to 40% depending on the model using shockout.

  • Change of balance. Allows to change the balance of the padel racket. Make it heavier in the top or gain power putting them on the top, or have more control by moving them further down. Or simply places them in the sweet spot  to increase it.

  • Personalization. The Varlion ShockOut Dampeners are available in different colors. In this way, we can choose the ones that best combine with our padel racket, as well as we can customize it by distributing them in the way that best suits us.

This new exclusive accessory of Varlion comes incorporated in the top of the range models, but you can also get them buying them as accessory in a wide variety of colors.

Self-adhesive bumper produced by an injection mold in TPU with low hardness to absorb shocks and friction.
It is fixed on the padel racket’s frame by an adhesive material, and is not necessary to fix it drilling  the frame. With it, you will not have possible vibrations of the bumper and a full join between it and the frame.

Technical information

Professional round-shaped padel racket by Varlion that favour control over power.

This hexagon frame designed padel racket is made by a reinforced carbon fiber bidirectional tube, and a 38 mm EVA Hypersoft laminated core with layers of Titantex, plain glass fiber fabric, reinforced in the hearth with Carbon carbon fiber fabric.  Impregnated with Varlion exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin -to get the highest elasticity and resistance- covered by a dioxide titanium layer.

It also includes new Shock Out Varlion Dampeners, which significantly reduce the vibrations between 25 to 40% by a certification from Politecnica University of Madrid,  allowing to the player reduce the possibilities of an injury. And new adhesive injected protector. Developed and produced by a low hardness TPU injection mould to absorb shocks and scrapes.

It has a hexagonal texture on the core to get better effects and the new Wings Difusor, aerodynamically optimized with a 27% improvement on the air flow control

Made for players wants control in their game.

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LW Difusor Titan

LW Difusor Titan

Varlion Club - Carbon Level: 123,76€
Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: 108,29€
Varlion Club - Summum Level: 92,82€


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