Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition
Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition

Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition

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Technical information

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Data sheet

WeightFrom 355 to 380 gr.
MaterialTitantex fabric
Type of gameBetween control and power
Self-adhesive bumperYes
Heart constructionWith difusor
Type of coreSoft core
Bicolour estheticNo
Hexagonal textureYes
Econaked estheticYes
CollectionLimited Edition


Technology developed in the heart of the blade through which a diffuser has been introduced whose function is to direct the flow of air in a straight line. The advantages found after the tests were:

  • A greater speed of the player, both in fast blows such as smash (which is where you notice more) and in medium shots.

  • A greater regularity in the hitting by making the shovel's trajectory more constant thanks to the null influence of the turbulence that normally causes the passage of air in conventional blades.

  • More hits with greater control.

Its design is inspired by the diffuser that included for the first time the Brawn GP team of formula one on the back and bottom of the car.

Self-adhesive bumper produced by an injection mold in TPU with low hardness to absorb shocks and friction.
It is fixed on the padel racket’s frame by an adhesive material, and is not necessary to fix it drilling  the frame. With it, you will not have possible vibrations of the bumper and a full join between it and the frame.

Hexagonal frame whose to give a greater rigidity, strength and aerodynamics to the racket. It's registered and exclusive of Varlion.

A core of E.V.A ultra-soft, with Shore hardness measurements and perfect bouncing qualities, which enables our paddle rackets a good balance of control and power.

Drilling technology using three sizes of holes making them smaller in the central area (10mm), medium in the middle as we move away from the center and approach the frame (11.5mm) and bigger in the perimeter area closer to the frame (13mm), to balance the excessive flexibility of the core in the middle with the low one near the frame. It allows to have a greater homogeneity in the shots and an increase the shock-resistance of the core.

Technical information

Varlion padel racket with teardrop shape which provides a perfect balance between control and power.

It’s manufactured by a bidirectional tubular 100% carbon fiber and reinforced by 3 layers of fiberglass fabric with aluminum load plus a 3D rhombic design (Texalium Rhombus).

Its core, called MAGNUM, is composed by two "sandwich" style gums. The inner rubber is 50% of very light and soft white foam rubber, and the outer parts are pure black rubber, to provide maximum rebound and elasticity (25% each height).
In turn, it’s laminated with three layers of Texalium Rhombus fabric impregnated with VAR-FLEX epoxy resin (developed exclusively for Varlion), with maximum elasticity and strength.

This racket includes two very importante techonolgies: Hexagon frame, which provides more resistance, and Diffuser technology in the heart, to make it faster.

On the other hand, the plane includes a hexagonal texture with relief, which allows the player to apply effects with greater precision and control. This situation is further enhanced because the racket in only painted in the brand's imago (front faces), helping to maintain 100% the hexagonal texture with which the racket is manufactured in the mold.

In turn, when removing weight of paint in the plane and adding 20gr of the diffuser in the heart, the balance of the racket is better since we add weight in the lower part and remove it in the upper middle part.

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Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition

Avant Magnum Difusor Limited Edition

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