Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft
Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft

Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft

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200,00 € tax incl.

Varlion Club - Carbon Level: 128,00 €

Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: 112,00 €

Varlion Club - Summum Level: 96,00 €

Technical information
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Data sheet

WeightFrom 340 to 385 gr.
MaterialTitantex fabric
Type of gameBetween control and power
Self-adhesive bumperYes
Heart constructionWithout heart (oversize)
Type of coreSoft core
Bicolour estheticNo
Hexagonal textureNo
Econaked estheticYes


Larger core adding to the padel racket a wider hit surface and its sweet spot.

Hexagonal frame whose shape gives the padel racket’s frame a greater rigidity, strength and aerodynamics. This technology is characterized by being present in the padel racket of higher lines, however it has been applied to the complete collection.

Is a foam core which main characteristic is to be lighter and softer with good rebound performance. 


Gradual drilling with 13mm holes in the closest area of the frame and away from the center, 11.5mm as it approaches to the center, and 10mm in the center, but placed in horizontal and vertical lines. This special drilling helps to achieve a more homogeneous hit.

Fiberglass twill fabric with an aliminum treatment.  It gives to the fabric the color of the raw material and greater resistance.

Self-adhesive bumper produced by an injection mold in TPU with low hardness to absorb shocks and friction.
It is fixed on the padel racket’s frame by an adhesive material, and is not necesary to fix it drilling the frame. With it, you will not have possible vibrations of the bumper and a full join between it and the frame.

Technical information

Teardrop-shaped Varlion padel racket that gives balance between control and power.

This padel racket is made by a glass fiber and carbon fiber bidirectional tube, and a 38 mm SYL (Soft & Light) reticulated foam core laminated with plain fabric of glass fiber and aluminized glass fiber twil fabric (Alutex), impregnated with Varlion exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin -to get the highest elasticity and resistance- covered by a dioxide titanium layer.

It is designed with hexagonal frame and Overzise Core technologies, patented and exclusives of Varlion. Its characteristics gives more resistance and aerodynamic on the frame, bigger hitting surface, and make easier learn and be competitive.

It also have the new adhesive injected protector. Developed and produced by a low hardness TPU injection mould to absorb shocks and scrapes.

Recommended for players who want a racket with good bounce, to don´t use too much force to get speed in the ball. Besides, it is a very comfortable racket paddle with a good absorption of vibrations.

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Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft

Avant Alu Carbon Ti Soft

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