Varlion brings out its new VCustom Design

VCustom Design is a new service provided by Varlion with which you can customize your own paddle racquets, Lethal Weapon Carbon Hexagon Difusor, Avant Carbon Hexagon Difusor and Cañon Carbon Hexagon Difusor, so you can create an unique model on the market.

Now you can use your own designs! You have a wide range of customized options such as diffuser color, stickers, logo, side walls, put your name on it,…

There are two different options, either to choose your own colors or select among an ample range of predesigned models.

The delivery time is 30 days approximately. The price is €450 per unit; if your order two, you will get a discounted price €420 per unit. If your order three, price per unit is €370; Four or more, finally, means a price of €335 per unit. Please, to order two units or more units contact us by e-mail: [email protected]. Remember if you are Club Varlion member, other bonuses are added: save 10% and free postage.

Customizations for more than one unit must be identical with same colors. The only exception is the name, as they can be customized with different names.

Click here for our tutorial where you will find more details.

Customize your own paddle racquet and enjoy this experience!