Did you know that, in padel, the shape of the racket is what determines your playing style?


As we already talked about in our previous post (you can see it by clicking here), nowadays there are several shapes of padel rackets, and these can be divided mainly into three types: round, teardrop and diamond. In this post we tell you, more in depth, everything you need to know about it.




Its main characteristics are:


  • Low balance

The weight distribution in the round padel rackets is usually closer to the grip, which makes it have a low balance (or balance). Therefore, it can be said that the round shaped padel rackets are the easiest to handle on the track and also minimize the risk of injuries such as epicondylitis.


  • Big sweet spot

Round shaped padel rackets have the largest sweet spot compared to other shapes, and it’s located right in the center of the padel racket.


  • For whom are round shaped padel rackets rounds?

Beginning players generally prefer to play with round padel rackets in the beginning. However, these types of padel rackets are also preferred by more experienced players who want to achieve precision and control over the game. If what you need is an easy-to-handle padel racket, the round ones are your best option.



Its main characteristics are:


  • Hight balance

Unlike round shaped padel rackets, diamond shaped padel rackets have their weight distribution close to the head of the padel racket, giving them a high balance. This feature makes the padel racket more difficult to handle but helps to make more powerful shots.


  • Little sweet spot

Compared to the round padel racket, the diamond padel racket has the smallest sweet spot facing the top of the padel racket head.


  • For whom are diamond shaped padel rackets?

If you are an attacking player with good technique, with these padel rackets you can obtain maximum power in strokes and volleys. But if you have an injury, this type of padel racket is not recommended.



Its main characteristics are:


  • Medium balance

The teardrop shaped padel rackets have a well balanced weight distribution between the handle / grip and the head, making them have a medium balance. Therefore, these padel rackets are easier to handle than diamond shaped padel rackets, but not as easy as round padel rackets.


  • Medium sweet spot

The sweet spot of this padel racket is in the center of the head. This factor means that they have less control than round padel rackets, but much more than diamond padel rackets, which is why it is said that they are the intermediate point between the two.


  • For whom are teardrop shaped padel rackets?

If you are an off-road player who wants to attack without losing control, this is your padel racket. If you’ve started with a round padel racket and want to jump for more power, then the teardrop shape is the best option.




Now you have all the tips on the different shapes of padel rackets but remember that the final choice must also depend on the preference and comfort of each one.


If you need advice to choose the padel racket that best suits your style of play, leave us your comment and we will help you.