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Iván began competing on the World Padel Tour professional circuit in 2017. Not yet 16 years old, he became one of the youngest players on the circuit.


In 2019, he played a total of 72 matches, winning 52 of them along with his teammate Mike Yanguas. This same year, Iván played his last World Cup for minors with the Spanish National Team, where he was proclaimed champion.For his work during the 2019 season, Iván was listed by WPT as the hardest-working player of the year.

In 2020, Iván was nominated for revelation player for the great season he had, ending the year ranked 30.


Iván plays with the Bourne Summum Prisma Radio racket.




The Bourne Summum Prisma Radio, is one of the most complete rackets of the 2023 Collection, among its features we highlight:


– Radio Technology, which implies a revolution in the manufacture, resistance and performance of padel rackets. With it we have managed to produce the first racket that comes out already perforated from its own mould. This process brings incredible strength to the core.


– AirFlow technology, focused on giving fluidity to the passage of air through the racket through elongated holes located between the frame and the core. As in the rest of the holes, Radio technology has also been used in these. This technology offers greater speed in hitting and less resistance to the passage of air.


-Slice rough texture, which has been designed and developed with a series of curved lines that make the surface of the ball more hooked to them and apply greater spin to your hit.


-Prisma frame for better racket maneuverability and greater acceleration capacity in hits.


-Prisma protector to reinforce the head of the racket with an adhesive protector that adapts perfectly to its shape. This not only covers the frame, but also its junction with the plane of the racket.


– Summum technology, which includes:


  • Longer grip than usual to provide the player with a more comfortable and professional grip.
  • A 1 cm longer hitting surface
  • A gradual hole pattern with a greater number of holes (76 in total), to improve and expand the sweet spot of the racket.
  • Diffuser Wings technology, with an aerodynamically improved Diffuser in the heart of the racket that provides more manageability and precision
  • Handlesafety technology, a new 100% grip safety and comfort system.