Íñigo Zaratiegui, born on 07/26/1995 in Navarra (Spain). A player who since childhood developed a great passion for paddle tennis, after competing in minor competitions, Íñigo makes the leap to WPT competitions and currently occupies a fabulous position #46 in the WPT Ranking.


A dedicated player, who puts the maximum into his training, which speaks volumes about his ambition and his hunger for victory. Another of his strengths is his mentality, focused on improving game by game, training by training, in order to reach the highest level. With the Maxima Summum Prisma Radio for the new season, we hope that Íñigo can give a great performance on the court and make the most of his style of play.


Maxima summum Prisma Radio

Maxima is a model that was born in 2020 from the merger between the LW (Round) and the Avant (teardrop). As a final result, we got a racket with a rounded teardrop shape, designed for players looking for control in their game without giving up power.


One of the most important novelties of this model is the RADIO technology, which involves a revolution in manufacturing, with it we have managed to produce the first blade that comes out of its own mold already perforated. The technical result is a very important increase in the resistance of the core and a 50% reduction in the use of fabrics.


Another of the great novelties of this model is the AirFlow technology, focused on giving fluidity to the passage of air through the blade through elongated holes located between the frame and the core. As in the rest of the holes, Radio technology has also been used in these.