After the previous collective tests at Estoril and Barcelona, Argentina´s driver approaches his last chance to drive his ART Grand Prix car before the season start. Regalia used the simulator at his team´s headquarters last week in order to prepare properly the test.
Facu Regalia is back to racing at Silverstone, where is held the third and last GP3 collective test of the pre-season on Wednesday and Thursday. The Argentine driver, after five very positive days in February and March, at Estoril and Montmeló tracks respectively, has ended up regularly among top-5 fastest drivers in dry and wet conditions. Silverstone test will have a key role because of it´s going to be the last chance before the season opener.
“I really look forward to testing once again. It will be a very important opportunity, and I was in France to prepare it properly with my team. It will be important to exploit each single lap at Silverstone”, Regalia explained, adding that “despite holidays I´ve kept training in the gym and driving the go-kart to keep in good shape”. His goals for this week are quite clear, “finishing as close as possible to P1. I´ve been into top-5 places almost ever, and my intention is to keep it on there. My engineer and I will keep working on the car set-up and then to complete some race simulations and starts, this last one something to improve always. Let´s see how the weather is, because rain was a problem in previous tests”.
The 2013 season will have its first meeting at Circuit de Catalunya, next 10-12 May.