The Argentine rose on Sunday morning to his first podium in GP3 Silverstone. He took his first podium two weeks ago in the Circuit de Valencia at the first race, and seventh in the second race. Altogether a very good positive point for the team ART Grand Prix.

Facu Regalia finished second in the first race of Valencia. He took off well with the ART Grand Prix car, but could not pass his teammate Conor Daly. After a long battle between Regalia and Daly, with Regalia trying to make Daly nervous to make a mistake, however, did not. Since Daly is a teammate, ART Grand Prix could not take the risk of an impact that could leave them both out of the race, so Regalia became more relaxed.

“I’m very happy. Second day of the season and I´m already on the podium. It was what we wanted before starting the championships and, although I didn´t achieve it in Barcelona, we were able to accomplish here today. I passed Kvyat and wanted to do the same with Conor, but it was unsuccessful. Valencia is not an easy circuit and it was very risky. I think it couldn´t be a better place to reach my first podium this season in front of my family, friends and fans. Today I dedicate it especially to my dad because it’s Father’s Day”, said Regalia.

In the second raceRegalia reached seventh place as they invested the first eight positions of the first. My start was normalbut I could pass any car. I wanted to pass Korjus several timesI did not want to punishing my tires at first,and although I was close to burst them in the final rounds, it was impossible to pass him. Finally a seventh place will give me more ranking points, admitted the Argentine of the ART Grand Prix team.

Eighth in the standings, the next race at Silverstone on 29th  and 30th of June, a well known circuit for Regalia where he also finished at good classification at the collective tests.

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