In the collective testing at Silverstone GP3 the Argentine pilot had a good end. Like yesterday, at the ART Grand Prix he finished second both in the morning and evening race.

Facu Regalia ended positively GP3 pre-season testing at Silverstone, which today celebrated the last tests before the start of the championships. Like yesterday, the Argentine was very close to win both testings. In the first session Regalia did a best time of 1:45.855 being the first driver to drop from 1:46 in his category, although he ultimately finished at second place. In the afternoon he again had a great pace from the start and after a hard fight made a best lap of 1:46.194, a session that was slower than the first for all riders on the track. Just like yesterday, he was the best driver of the ART Grand Prix.

I’m very happy with the results. I think being in the second place for two days in a row is a great result in the last tests before the start of the championships. It has been a hard day of work, where we have been able to try many adjustments on the car, and we have gotten very positive conclusions. We also did several practice starts to be prepared for the race in Barcelona“, said Regalia.

 He also added that “now we have over a month until the first race in Barcelona. I would like to start already, waiting one month is too long for me. The whole team is very strong. I worked together very well with my engineer and technical director of ART Grand Prix. Ahead, however, we still have the most important and difficult, the whole season”.

The championships of GP3 start at the Circuit de Catalunya, the 10-12th of May.

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